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Q: How old do I need to be to attend Viking Surf Camp?


A: Viking Surf Camp is for children five (5) years of age and older. Also, Viking Surf Camp is only for proficient swimmers.


NOTE: Children under the age of five (5) years old can learn to surf by having their parent or guardian arrange private lessons with our instructors.


Q: Is it permitted for my child to wear a life vest while taking a surf lessons?


A: Yes, although it is not suggested as a life vest would make it very difficult to get up on the board and have freedom of movement.


Q:  What do I need to bring to Surf Camp?


 A:  At Viking Surf Camp we supply drinking water, surfboards and the instructor. 


We suggest that each student bring the following to Camp:






beach towel;


packed lunch and snacks; 


Most importantly, come with a big smile for a perfect day at the beach!


 Q:  When I have completed my lesson, may I rent the equipment (surfboard, etc.)?


A:  Unfortunately, we are unable to rent equipment after your lesson, however, please call us at 954-806-8547 so we can arrange your rental.


Q:  This is my first surf lesson will I be OK?


A:  YES!!! We specialize in teaching beginners. Our program has been successful for Surf Camps as well as private groups and individuals.


Q:  What can I expect at my first surf lesson? 


A:  Your lesson will begin with a short and basic safety session on the beach (about 10 minutes). Then it will be timeto get in the water and apply what you have learned on the beach. In no time you will be standing and riding the waves.


Q:  If I join a semi-private group, will I get enough surfing time?


 A:  Definitely Yes! Our ratio is 5 surfers to 1 instructor and is very efficient. Our instructors use a rotation system that will have you surfing one on one to maximize your learning experience.


Q:  Are your instructors certified in CPR ?


A:  Yes. It is a requirement that all instructors at Viking Surf Camp are CPR certified.


Q:  Do you accept credit cards?


A:  Yes. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We also accept debit cards with theVisa or MasterCard logo.

No Personal checks (unless local).


Q:  What do I bring to private/group surf lessons?


Swimming suit

Beach Towel




We provide the Surfboards and Instructors.