Darlan Lopes 


 As Viking Surf Camp's Head Coach, Owner and Operator, two-time East Coast Champion; Darlan has more than 34 years of experience in surfing and competing. Darlan has surfed uncounted places around the World. He has a great passion for teaching kids and great skills in coaching younger generations on competition strategy.


Chris Caldwell 


Our Viking Surfboards Team Rider and instructor has over six (6) years of surfing experience, he is top ranked in the ESA (East Coast Surfing Association) and he surfs waves around the globe. Chris is a very talented and responsible young man.

He gets along very well with the groms!



DaniELA Molina


Our Surfing and Yoga Instructor has been working with us for the past three (3) years and her work has been phenomenal. Her yoga has been helping the kid's surfing in great ways.

 The Kids love her!